Lynx Air Airlines

Lynx Air is a Canadian airline known for its ultra-low cost, exceptional customer service, and commitment to passenger satisfaction. With various cabin classes, diverse snacking options, and a reliable reputation, Lynx Air is a popular choice for travelers worldwide.

Operating for several decades, Lynx Air serves over 18 destinations, facilitating seamless connections between cities and countries. Major routes include Toronto to Hamilton and Hamilton to Calgary. Destinations like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Orlando are also accessible. With over 300 daily flights, Brussels Airlines connects passengers to 2 countries.

Luggage Details

Passengers can carry one free personal item of specific weight and dimensions. A carry-on can be added with a nominal fee. Checked baggage fees vary based on fare class and destination. Passengers can carry 2 checked baggage of 50 pounds, with a fee. One extra checked baggage can be added with an additional fee.

Cabin Details

Lynx Air does not offer Economy, Business, or First Class fares to keep costs minimal. There is an option to pay a little more for extra legroom. The basic fare does not include refreshments or Wi-Fi, but a passenger can opt for add-on privileges.

No Loyalty Program

Lynx Air is a discount carrier with ultra-low prices. Due to this, it has no loyalty programs.

Book Lynx Air Flight Tickets

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